Chevrolet Care – 6 Benefits Of Changing Spart Plugs On Time!


Whenever you're driving long distances or even lugging around a heavy load, your car's spark plugs work overtime to ensure the engine performs at optimal levels. Over time, these plugs can wear out and need replacement.


Here are six reasons why changing your spark plugs in your Chevrolet is necessary:


1) Increases Fuel Efficiency -

Spark plugs can become fouled or damaged due to excessive use, causing your car to burn more fuel than necessary. Replacing your spark plugs can help improve your car's fuel efficiency.


Strong spark plugs ignite the air-fuel mixture and churn fuel to start combustion. Spark plugs become less efficient with time. However, changing them prevents this and restores the car's fuel efficiency, gas mileage, and fuel economy.


2) The Combustion Engine Performs at Optimal Levels -

A well-functioning combustion engine is essential to the overall performance of your car. Spark plugs play an integral role in the combustion process, so it's essential to ensure they are functioning properly.


3) Prevents Engine from Misfiring -

An engine can misfire because of faulty or dirty spark plugs. Replacing your spark plugs helps improve start-up performance, while old spark plugs can cause your engine to run less smoothly.


4) Reduces Emissions -

Another benefit of changing your spark plugs is that it helps reduce emissions. By keeping your spark plugs clean and replacing them, when necessary, you can help improve air quality and make your car environmentally friendly.


5) Improved Acceleration -

Dirty or faulty spark plugs can also affect your car's acceleration. If your car is struggling to accelerate, it could be time to change your spark plugs.


6) Improved Horsepower -

You can maximize your engine's utility by keeping your spark plugs in good condition. While spark plugs don't necessarily improve your horsepower, they bring your engine back to optimal levels.


How Often Should I Change My Spark Plugs? -

The answer to this question depends on the make of your vehicle and driving habits. However, most mechanics generally suggest changing your spark plugs every 30,000 miles.


Do I Need to Replace All Spark Plugs at Once? -

In most cases, you will only need to replace one or two spark plugs at a time. However, if your spark plugs are very old and worn out, it's probably good to replace them all at once.


Ensuring efficient vehicle maintenance improves performance includes changing your spark plugs. See us at Bill Holt Chevrolet, serving Morganton, if you're due for this service. We add and replace spark plugs compatible with your car model giving your engine the boost to get you back on the road. Plus, by taking pre-emptive maintenance measures, you can ensure your vehicle avoids hefty repair costs in the future.


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