If you're having trouble with your car's AC, it might not be the unit itself that's at fault. In many cases, the complication is actually with the AC compressor. This component compresses the refrigerant and sends it through the system to cool down your car. If your compressor is faulty, it can cause various problems that will make using your car's AC very difficult. This post will discuss five common symptoms of a bad AC compressor.


1. Hot Air in the Cabin


One of the most crystal-clear signs that your car AC compressor is going bad is when hot air starts blowing out of the vents instead of cold. This happens because the compressor is responsible for circulating refrigerant through the AC system, and if it isn't working properly, the refrigerant can't do its job. In addition to hot air, you may also notice a lack of airflow from the vents. This is because the compressor is responsible for moving air through the system, and if it's not working properly, the air won't move.


2. Loud Noises from the Compressor


If your compressor is going bad, you may start to hear loud noises coming from it. This could be a sign that the bearings inside the compressor are beginning to fail, which can cause damage to the entire system. In addition, if the compressor is leaking oil or refrigerant, that will also produce a loud noise.


3. AC Compressor Clutch is Stuck


The clutch allows the compressor to turn on and off, and if it's stuck in the "on" position, that can cause many problems. For one, it will put a strain on the engine since the compressor will be running all the time. Additionally, it can overheat the refrigerant and cause damage to the compressor itself. If you detect that your AC compressor clutch is stuck, it's best to take it to a mechanic and have them examine it.


4. AC Compressor is Physically Damaged


If the compressor is physically damaged, it will need to be replaced. This could be due to a great many reasons, such as an accident or wear and tear. If you notice that the compressor isn't working as it used to or any unusual noises coming from it, take it in for repair before the damage worsens.


5. Damaged Wiring Harness


If the wiring harness is impaired, it can cause all sorts of problems with the AC compressor. The most common symptom of a damaged wiring harness is that the AC will not turn on at all. If you suspect that your wiring harness may be damaged, take your car in for repair as soon as possible.


These are just some of the most common symptoms of a lousy car AC compressor. If you notice these symptoms, ask a certified car technician to repair your AC immediately. A faulty compressor can cause a lot of damage to your car, so it's important to get it fixed as soon as possible.


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