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Tire Care Tips: Tread & Pressure

Tires play a large role in the performance of your vehicle. Properly caring for them is essential to ensure you stay safe on the road and that they last as long as possible. Read these tire care tips for more information about how to keep your tires performing at their best!

Proper Tread Depth and Tire Pressure

The first place people often look to save a few dollars is in the tires. They'll buy less expensive brands, which wear out faster or have less tread depth, and they'll also ignore proper tire pressure. Inflated tires are naturally going…

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What Is Brake Fluid?

Brake fluid is a type of fluid that is used in the hydraulic brake system. It converts the force into pressure. When you push your foot down on the brake, the fluid will turn this force into pressure and stop your vehicle. Your brake fluid will likely last four to five years. There are many signs that you may notice if your brake fluid needs to be replaced. You may notice that the ABS light comes on. ABS is short for anti-lock braking system. You may also notice pedal problems. You may have a hard time pushing down on the…
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What are Gaskets and Why are They Important?

Some automotive terms may be unfamiliar to the common buyer but are imperative to the performance of your vehicle. Gaskets are objects that are essential to your vehicle's continued functionality.

Not all components under the hood of your vehicle fit together perfectly. This is an area where gaskets are useful. Made of smooth material, gaskets are used to correct any irregularities in the texture, size, or fit of two components that need to be joined. Gaskets can help these two objects fit together and form a seal to ensure proper vehicle lubrication and security.


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Always Keep An Emergency Roadside Kit In Your Car

You never know what can happen while driving, so that's why you must keep an emergency roadside kit in the car at all times to help you in the event of an emergency. 


Here are some useful items to put in your emergency kit:


  • Jumper cables


Jumper cables are a necessity for starting the engine when the battery fails.


  • First-aid kit


Injuries happen on and off the road, and a first aid kit will help you handle medical emergencies when they happen.


  • Blankets


Emergency blankets are good to have just in case you break down for long periods.

  • Fire…
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